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On being a daywalker

weird. Winding down for the night, realizing I've hours (well, more than one, if not quite two) between fixing breakfast in the morning and leaving for Life Group, Which means I don't have to do all sorts of last minute printing tonight - I can do that in the morning.

Heck, I'll have time to print stuff and then shower.

Weird, this going to bed at 10:30 at night.

Today was pamper-me day: paraffin treatment on my feet while I got my nails done, then a makeover in the evening.

Today was Ouchie's sixth chemo treatment. She's doing very well, and doesn't have to go back for three weeks. She got to ride along to Sayre with me to pick up Tigger. We walked in the grassy area of the circle driveway while we waited for school to let out. Ouchie is a very nice car companion.

I made a tactical error tonight. I chose spaghetti and meatballs as a quick meal, before I looked in the spaghetti-sauce-free pantry. Enter 3 cans of diced tomatoes, 1 blender and a lively spice cabinet, stage left. The error? Critter likes my sauce better than the jar stuff. Flar says go easier on the thyme, but he liked it, too. Tigger would prefer I blend the tomatoes finer, and liked the flavor. They all seem to like homemade over pre-made. Ah well, points for mom-fu.

Then I got to have fun. I was invited to "Model Night" by my Mary Kay Consultant. Hmm, perhaps a good classical evil temptress name? She's got long curly red hair to die for, and keeps talking me into buying more product. I absolutely LOVED the lips in the look we tried tonight, and got a few more tips on applying makeup. I also used my own brushes tonight, and got positive comments on how well I blended. Pictures to follow when she emails them to me.

And now, look at me, going to bed on time!
Tags: cooking, mary kay, ouchie, sleep schedule

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