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Daily mutterings

Okay, it looks like a 10:30 bedtime/6:30 wakeup time is going to work for me. Now I just need to see how to avoid the Evil Nap&tm; that's been hitting me after I finish cooking breakfast and getting boys off to school.

My shoulder is somewhat better today. It hurts less positionally, but putting strength behind movement is painful. The silly pill gave me a good night sleep with little dreaming - perhaps why I still needed a nap this morning? I'm making do with Ibuprofin today, and it may be doing a better job of helping any inflammation.

Now for some light housework. The movement will probably help, as long as the effort isn't great.

Movement is easy, movement with strength hurts. But hey, I'm better off than yesterday.

The huge pile on top of the jacuzzi is mostly gone; what is left is folded. About to leave for car-line, then a meeting at church followed by Celebration. Looks like it's going to be a power-bar dinner, once I get hungry.

Cranky about my sore arm. Cranky about Flar and Critter interrupting mindless TV in the background of personal spreadsheeting and journaling for mindless surfing on TV and computer. Mostly cranky at myself for letting it happen and being up late because of it. Also cranky at Flar's thoughtless mien about it. Cranky at self about snapping about it. Cranky at self for not getting any no stones work done, not calling L today, and about being cranky.

First day of period. Check. I hate hormones.

bed now.
Tags: chores, nap, shoulder

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