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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Early morning 'kinTigger went off to school without a hitch this morning. Flurry of pictures duly emailed to doting Granma. Black & White Tigger Included here are me, awake enough to cook and take pictures, but not yet showered; and the picture Tigger had me make for him for homework.

An experiment in productivity. Maybe if I leave a window open to mutter into, I'll spend most of the day attacking my TTL.

Flood barks at thunder. She's in the kitchen now, trying to scare off the rain. At four, she seems a little young to be acting like an old coot.

Sorted mountains of laundry today. The no-dogs gate is at the foot of the ramp today, there's no much on the floor. Whites are in the dryer, most of the colors in the washer.

The pump is back in the jacuzzi. Filling and testing to timeshare water use with the laundry.

Tackling kitchen now: chicken for dinner, with brown rice, peas and carrots, macadamia nuts and parm cheese.

I was rushed out the door to pick up Tigger earlier - why does the first day of school have to be a short day? Anyway, I fell. Up the stairs to the garage, squishing my shoulder. I don't think I exactly dislocated it, so much as popped it; but I popped it back into place and it's being weaker and vaguely painful. The pain is background, exacerbated positionally as well as by muscle use. Sigh.

Back to work.


Dinner was yummy. I seasoned the chicken with no-salt fajita seasoning, and cooked it in olive oil with Macadamia nuts -- Flar was the only one who complained that it had too many nuts. While that was keeping warm, I sautéd brown rice with peas and carrots in the chicken drippings with more olive oil, and some soy sauce. Once that was on the back-burner, I started a base with butter, flour and chicken broth, then Tigger chose all the seasonings for a sweet sauce that used poultry seasoning, pumpkin pie sauce, cinnamon, almond flavoring and maple flavoring.

By the end of dinner, my shoulder was complaining something fierce, so Flar loaned me one of his silly pills. I just check CKBC, and I don't have any commitments until school pickup (I'm scheduled to give blood on the 30th, not tomorrow), so I'm going to bed early tonight and hope to wake up feel somewhat better. Meantime, with the boys upstairs working on homework, Flar put away the leftovers from dinner and moved the load of laundry in the washer into the dryer for me.

Time to read to Timothy


Silly pills suck. Already have the narcotic migraine, my arm still hurts, and the world isn't comfy-swirly, it's just cottony. Oh well, twill probably still help me sleep.

Tigger wasn't ready for bed yet, so I held Bob while he washed his face and brushed his teeth.

Bed now.

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Where did the blond son go? I know, you said that would probably happen, but I don't think I've ever observed children closely enough to *notice* it before!
Nice specs :) Remind me of my new ones...
Hope your pain pills work for you (and mine do for me), and we both get sleep and feel better tomorrow!

His hair is even darker than Critter's, now.

Thanks, I like them. Alaska inspired me to get more flashy glasses.

I sleep great - didn't even have funky dreams (or didn't remember them). But I popped 800mg of Ibuprofin today, which will likely work better for being awake and *using* my right arm. It's less painful to type today, which means the positional pain is less pronounced. Strength related pain is still pretty evident.

It sucks getting old.

I regret I've used up my year's travel budget; I bet I could make you a lot better with a well-applied thumb than the silly pills do.



All the rest of me, maybe. My arm is not merely stiff, but muscle sore. I probably stretched something that ought not be stretched.

Today, my arm hurts less positionally - slow, smooth stretching movements work best; but putting force behind position still hurts.

I'm about to do an hour and a half of folding laundry. Lightweight, lots of movement. It should help.

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