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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I had a lot of fun with my new Mary Kay lady today. She came to give me a free facial, and took before and after pictures. About the only "cheats" in the pictures were that she let me slouch in the before picture, and I decided to take my hair down for the after picture.

I've made an appointment for her to come next week and teach me how to use my brush set (I bought one from Arbonne a while back) and do a make-up session before date night. Now all I have to do is decide on what we're doing for date night, since it's my turn to plan.

I've also scheduled a time for her to come and pamper me and up to 5 friends, at 2pm on Saturday the 18th. She offers several types of pampering, so I'm posting a poll to see who'd be interested in coming, and to what type of event. While there will be the opportunity to buy product, this is more about the pampering, so you need not come prepared to spend any money.

Poll #1035382 Pamper me!

Would you like to be pampered at my house, on Saturday the 18th?

Yes, absolutely, count me in!
I'd love it, but I can't make the date.
Just not really my cup of tea.

How would you prefer to be pampered?

Girl's Night Out: Free Facials
Grownup Pajama Party: Night time Skin care
Las Vegas Legs: Pedicures

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Great makeover, but I think just a bit of brown liner on the outer half of your eyebrows would really help bring your look together since they're so pale.

Count me in on the pampering, though!

Oh, I totally agree. This was a facial plus "out the door" makeup, which meant only the foundation, rouge, gloss and mascara. No wait, also natural tones eye shadow.

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