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We got home late Sunday night, and bedded down very shortly after emptying out Flar's car.

Yesterday, I transferred information to my new phone and packed up the old one. It is currently skinfree, awaiting a decision about whether to continue using the twinned daisy wallpaper or design a new one. Pesky teenagers with their casual suggestions.

I've sorted all the laundry, and washed whites then colors (the latter in two loads). While the whites were drying, Critter drove me to pick up the dogs at All Creatures Inn. They are all pretty and, in the case of the Scotties, groomed. We picked out Mickey Mouse bandanas, handed over *almost* $600 for boarding fees, and brought them home. Flood spent her first visit backyard patrolling the entire fence line to make sure that nothing was amiss. It was highly amusing to watch her. The Scotties seem a bit skinnier, Flood shed copiously in the car, and she also seems to be a bit hoarse. The last was determined when Girlcat came to beg for more food. From inside the house, we cannot hear Flood barking in the back yard. I'm sure it won't last though. I think they bark more at the kennel than they do at home.

I had an appointment to get my nails done yesterday, and when I went out to start my car, I discovered that the engine was dead. I'd forgotten to unplug the Tomtom for the 12 days it sat in the garage. Oops. Critter took me to my appointment, and got his car detailed to while the time away. We had a late lunch at Brooklynn Pizza, then made a beverage run at Kroger on the way home.

I worked four hours last night, and got to wait for AAA to come start my car, because I'd STILL forgotten to unplug to the Tomtom. I don't think the drive to work was long enough to put a solid charge in the battery. I drove back and forth a few exits on New Circle to put a bit more charge into it on the way home.

Currently, Critter is at school for an interview with his school counselor. The reason for the appointment is to make sure he'll have enough credits to graduate. He's also going to find out why he wasn't given all the classes he requested when he registered -- as his schedule has been published, he'll finish school around 2 every day.

Later this afternoon, I'm getting a free facial from a Mary Kay lady; I won the grand prize in a drawing on the Fourth of July. I've invited my synergy group to join me, but I haven't heard back from them. Otherwise, the day will entail finishing the unpacking and laundry, making some phone calls, and possibly going in to work tonight.

I'll update about the end of the road trip after I get started on housework.
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