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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Adventures in Independence
Empty Nest
Critter's en route to BUR for a college tour of Caltech. He wanted to make this a completely independent adventure, so he's traveling there alone.

He left early from the hotel room, and has been checking in whenever it seems appropriate. So far, he's called from the Five Points MARTA station at 8:31am, and from ATL at 9:06am. He got his ticket printed yesterday, so he was able to go directly through security and to the gate. His flight isn't until noon, so he'll have plenty of time to hang out at the airport.

I wonder if he'll decide to pay for the wifi access? He's got a credit card, but he tends to be quite cautious about using it without specific authorization.

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I like your new "bird leaving the nest" raccoon icon. :)

Thanks. You know me, any excuse to make a picture. ;)

Here 'til Monday for semi-local backup if and as needed.



Whoops, me; lost my cookie.



Thanks, I appreciate it. I asked him if he wanted your number, but he seems to want to be all independent on this one.


Number is now 310-918-8142; just making sure you're up to date.



Yeppers. Thanks for checking. :)

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