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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Falling Apart
I think I've mentioned that Ouchie was sick. Now we have a confirmed diagnosis of Lymphosarcoma. :(

I got a call from the vet on Monday with the diagnosis, and a brief summary of options. He called back tonight to give me more information, then Critter and I talked it over with Flar. We've decided to give Ouchie the treatment that our vet offers, but not take her to a specialist. I have calls to make tomorrow to arrange her first appointment - she'll be going to the vet weekly for six weeks, and then hopefully less often. The treatment will involve an IV injection of one medicine, and then she'll also be taking Prednisone and another medicine. I'll post again with better details when I'm back in town.

We've opted for treatment because (a) the vet says that dogs experience few of the adverse side effects that trouble people in chemo. She won't lose her hair, is unlikely to suffer vomiting (but the anti-vomiting pill worked a treat for the antibiotics), and shouldn't even swell to much from the prednisone. and (b) we're still planning on our third road trip of the summer, to Canada; the vet says without treatment she might have a little as two months life expectancy with rapid decline. We don't want to leave her behind to get sick in the care of others.

So, we're treating her like a dog -- no road trip, kennel -- but we are choosing to try to extend her life somewhat by these treatments. A kind of balance or tension there.

Oh, and since her appetite was down, Flar has made the decision to switch her to gooshy food, which she's gobbling up. So she's also getting the Princesss treatment, as we care for her in sickness.

I would appreciate your prayers for us as we say good-bye (albeit slowly) to one of our family (albeit second-class, canine status), and especially for Critter, whose dog she is. Also prayers that her treatments would be successful in improving and extending what time she has left with us.
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My thoughts and prayers are with all of you...


Hugs, Prayers, Well Wishes and Love.

Thank you. I'm also hoping that I can impose on you while we're on our Canada road trip, for one trip from All Creatures to the vet, for her second treatment. Give me a call when you're wakey wakey.


*hugs* Poor Ouchie. Poor Critter.

Poor li'l gal. I'm glad she has such a good family to care for her. *huggles*

Thank you. She's lucky to have an extended family, too, who is so willing to pet her. :)

Poor girl, thankfully you all love her enough to provide her with some form of treatment no matter the diagnosis. You are all definitely in my prayers, I don't envy you.

Our family is definitely bigger than just Mommy, Daddy and the two boys. We have friends that are part of our extended family certainly, and we consider our dogs a part of our family too. Even Bob the Guniea Pig has a place in our hearts.

It's hard to be in a position to make the decision between care and not, or even in choosing when the end will come. When the car accidents happened, we weren't willing to put them to sleep, even though the blood and meds and surgery and ER time are pricey for dogs, especially without any insurance help. Illness seems like a greyer area, though.

That the vet feels that Ouchie will feel better rather than worse from the treatment makes it easier to choose this. That her prognosis would otherwise be so short, and that we had already planned to be away these next weeks was a big part of wanting to extend her life. Fortunately, our vet offers a treatment plan with a cost that seemed reasonable in these circumstances.

Thank you for your prayers.

:( I was really sad to read about that. I know she's not my dog, but in some small way she feels like one of my extended pets because I helped take care of her and cuddled her lots after the accident and everything, and she's my little buddy so I'm really really sad. And I'm really sorry for you and Critter, and for her because she's a good little dog, but I'm glad you'll be able to make her feel better for now.

And I'm glad Critter got to CA safely.

Thank you so much.

As we are trying to Ouchie lots of extra cuddling, now would be an especially great time to come over when you can, and spend time with her. Flar is taking care of the dogs by himself while we are Atlanta, and then we will be home through Thursday morning. They will all be at All Creatures Inn while we are on our Canada Road Trip. I asked (via LJ comment - I ought to call) Knight to give me a call about taking her from the kennel to the vet once while we are in Canada; maybe you would like to help him with that.

I understand that you're going through a yucky time yourself right now; I hope things get better for you soon.

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