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Mom's iPhone

Mom loves her iPhone, so far. I love that she's on the same carrier as I am, so our calls to each are now free. She had a little trouble getting her email setup right, so she spent the afternoon in the Apple Store. They helped with email quickly, but then she needed to charge her phone. They offered to charge it there, so she watched a couple of iPhone workshops, and listened in on a Macbook one-on-one while she was there. She enjoyed spending the afternoon "being waited on by all those cute young men." They apparently brought her drinks and made sure she was comfy and stuff. Oh, and she told me that she probably learned stuff from watching the workshops.

She's really tickled about not having to stand in line Friday to buy the phone. She says they had 18 people tasked just on selling the iPhones. No wonder they were able to sell so many in such a short amount of time.
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