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Early day, before the busy part

Bowling this morning...

Grace wasn't bowling today, and the team we played also had a member absent, so there were only four of us bowling. My thumb injury didn't prevent me from bowling; in fact, I did rather well: 148, 143 and 160.

In contrast, another set of teams didn't finish up until much later than usual, due to frequent problems with the pinsetters. I have to stick around to pick up the recap sheets. Well, really, I *could* have handed off the envelope to one of remaining bowlers, but I didn't think of that until now. I didn't have a set deadline of somewhere to be, and there was a yummy lunch special, so I ate lunch while I was waiting.

After I deposited the bowling fees, I went by and picked up the trophies we'd ordered for the Scooby Gang. I checked them over carefully, including making sure all of the names were right. And then when I got home, I noticed that they were the round inserts, not the nifty oval movement inserts. Oh well, they're still nifty, and mine is already on the mantel in the family room.

Turnip called just as I got to the trophy store, so I called him back and had a nice chat with him on the way home, and at the house. I let the dogs in for couch time, then put them back outside *before* they needed to go, and sat down to discover that I can knit while I'm reading live journal and email. I just have to put the needles down to type replies. :)
I'm dropping the sanction application off with the association secretary's on my way to pick up the boys, then after school we've got reading, dinner prep and reminding them about trash ans recycling. I ended up doing that myself, last week. This week I hope to go to bed early after I get home from taking Flood to obedience training.

And will probably achieve that goal if I refrain from getting back into Livejournal again when I get home. :)

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