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Shakespeare in the Vineyard

Ooh, it was fun. We had beautiful outdoor event weather on Saturday night. We brought a picnic with us: French baguette, spicy cheese spread, sausage, grapes, cookies and milkduds, with water and sparkling water. And we bought a bottle of wine at the vineyard. Critter dropped us off and picked us up. The amphitheatre has cement block walls to its tiers, and roomy flat expanses between levels, so there was plenty of room for picnic blankets and lawn chairs. The performance was by the Actors Guild of Lexington. I haven't read the play before, so I'm sure that much of the niceties of it were lost on me. But, I was pleased to be able to understand the meanings, if not the subtleties, of all the scenes. It's been some time since I've been in Shakespeare-listening mode. ;)

After the show was over, Flar said he thought it was a very nice choice for date night.

Next month, it's Flar's turn to figure out date night.
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