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Wednesday, I stayed up all night working on finances. I need to call Goody's to get my online account fixed; I need to call USAA to see if I can find out check information early than May. Thursday, I napped an hour before getting Critter to drive me to my pedicure appointment. We lunched at Brooklyn Pizza before going home, then I got another couple hours of nap in before Date Night.

We got rained out at Equus Run. It didn't actually rain, but they cancelled the performance on chance of rain, and would let us use the tickets for either the Friday or Saturday performances. We took advantage of the free wine tasting, picnicked on Popeye's overlooking the vines. Then Flar dropped me at work for a short night, and Critter picked me up to drive me home.

Friday, I woke up with a sick tummy. I went to Life Group anyway, on the theory that it was temporary. After LG, I picked up some groceries at Meijer, then went by the office to say goodbye to Opman, and meet my new boss, Opman2.0. He apparently thinks of me as the indexing fairy. Leave a list of work on the desk, and come back in the morning to find it all done. :)

By the time I got home, I was wobbly on my feet, and decided to nurse my sick with rest. I woke at 2pm today.

Meanwhile, my little geek Critter had his first all-nighter last night. Tigger's computer was still infected with a persistent virus, and the Geek Squad prescribed wiping it. Critter chose to do the work himself, and Flar said that Critter was just going to bed around 6 am.

And in national family news, my Mom is now a proud owner of an iPhone. She and Daddy blew off the lines for a dinner at Red Lobster. She tried to order one online, but the site was busy enough to make her willing to brave the Apple Store. By the time they dropped in, the lines had thinned out. Mom said they had already sold over 500 phones, but they had plenty more in stock.
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