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OOps, looks like I've not bothered to write more about vacation.

We're overnight in Mt. Vernon IL on the way home, having decided not to drive it in one day. We left Kimberling City a little after 10, but our quest for Dogpatch took more time than anticipated. And we didn't find it. We had passed Jasper before I remembered that it was south of Dogpatch on the map. Since Dogpatch isn't in the Tomtom, and it had no identifying sign, we don't know when we passed it. Twice.

But we did have a pretty drive in the hills of Arkansas, and took a few pictures from a scenic overlook south of Jasper. To be added later -- I didn't bring the CF adapter.

Flar suggested that we make the trip in two days, and he was kind enough to click up a reservation for us this side of St. Louis for an easy drive tomorrow. We've got free high-speed internet, a pool, free breakfast, and a generous 1pm checkout time. Tigger's playing Starcraft, Critter's upgrading his Safari to beta, and we've got the Food channel as a nice background.

Working backwards: I got all the data I could get out of the files I brought, entered into Quicken. Next step on the harddrive project is updating the files online, and finding missing information. I've updated iCal, and am happy with my current set of rules and smartboxes in Mail.

We saw a show on Friday called Island Fire, which was a troop of Samoan dancers that one of the Duttons (who married a Samoan girl) brought to the states for a year visit. They demonstrated other island dance styles, including Cook, Hawaiian and Taulosa? The fire dancing was the part that I was too tired to see with Knight in Oahu, so it was a neat to see it there. Two of the troop are champion fire dancers; it was pretty impressive.

On Thursday, Dad and Tigger and I saw Yakov Smirnoff, while Mom dragged Critter to the Dam movie at Table Rock Dam. Mom says she doesn't like stand-up, but her real objection was the $30@ price.

Wednesday, we ate lunch with Mom and Dad's friends who live in Nixa, at Lamberts Cafe, home of the Throwed Roll. Yes, they toss hot rolls across the restaurant to diners.

Tuesday, we watched the Liverpool Experience, a show with fairly competent Beatles impersonators, that recreate the spectrum of their music, from suits and ties at the Ed Sullivan show (complete with Ed), to long-haired psychedelic stage. I thought John was the best representation - he got the hair just right.

We played mini-golf three times, watched tons of Monk and Psych using Critter's iPod and new cables, and Star Gate reruns on SciFi Channel, and gots lots of food and sleep.

Good vacation.


Shortbread, that is. ;)
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