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Summer Tie Dye Party!


This time I'm planning further ahead. I've picked the dates for the party:

Tying and dying will happen on Thursday July 12, and rinsing, washing and drying will happen on Friday July 13.

I will provide handkerchiefs for anyone who wants to learns new techniques on easy targets, and all the various and sundries tools and supplies, as well as the place to be messy. All you'll need to bring is a project (if you want to dye anything besides a handkerchief) and your creative self.

This poll will help me determine when is the best time for Thursday, and how much dye to have on hand.

Poll #1000788 Summer Tie Dye Party 07

When can you be here for tie-dye? Mark any that work for you.

Before Noon - will also help with setup.
Noon to 4
4 to 8
8 to midnight
I can't be there on Thursday, but I'd love one of those colorful hankies.

Can you come by on Friday (noon to 2) to help rinse out the projects?

Yes, I'd love to help!
No, can you save my project for me?
No, can you bring me my project?

Let me know if you'll be dying something bigger than a t-shirt.

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