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It's been a quiet sleepover, for the most part. I just had to re-define "jumping" to "A's feet are not allowed to leave the floor, unless his body, from buttocks to shoulders, is on the floor."

I also had to bring out the ultimate threat card. I'm going to bed; if I have to go upstairs to quiet them, I will be calling moms. Yes, it is already after 1 in the morning.

Earlier, I attempted to transition the boys into "after midnight" quieter activity by getting them to give me 15 minutes of picking up drink cans and then brushing their teeth. I only had to pull two guest toothbrushes out of the bathroom cabinet.

I've successfully guided Critter through the exercise of finding his bus route and timetable, for the 1.2 mile trip from the Vagabond Inn to Caltech, in July. And led him to the discovery of the difference between the Metro and Metrolink. He's flying in to Burbank airport, and planning to use the public transit as much as possible. Mind you, if it's a nice day, I still think he should walk between his hotel and the university.

I spent the early evening with Knight helping me to pick out new tires for my car. I've got a set of Good Years wending their way to the local Wal-mart now, for a bit over $600, a great savings from what the dealer wanted to charge me for Michelins, and the tires are the same size and rating as the ones currently on my car.

The rest of the day I mostly vegged, watching old Stargates and pretty much doing nothing. Last night, I worked a full 8 hours, after going out to dinner with Critter and Tigger and Knight and Ro and She_ for Starmaiden's birthday. By the time I stopped for sleepover groceries the sun was coming up. Too little sleep for thinkingness.

Tomorrow, I shall put the house to rights after the guests are all gone, and finish up the cleaning the kitchen and jacuzzi room for the list. I've got several calls to make, and a few errands. In the evening, church, then work.
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