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Date Night and etc.

Spamalot was a hoot!

Critter rode to Louisville with Ro and Knight; I drove Tigger from school and met Flar at his office in downtown Louisville. We got a little tour of his office before we drove to Volare to meet Ro and Knight. Dinner was quite yummy. I had Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola for appetizer (and saved half), and Pappardelle Boscaiola (and saved a third).

The play was great. We had great seats, and laughed and laughed. There was even a song from The Life of Brian, which they repeated at the end as an audience sing-along. We got home awfully late, though. I'm working on a definite sleep deficit, since I got up this morning to take Tigger to school.

In Life Group, we shared experiences from the retreat, and then broke into smaller groups to talk about conflict resolution. At The Mat tonight, in the No Stones group, we got our workbooks and our first homework assignment. In the the Food Group, we talked about lesson 10, and did a lot of sharing about what changes we've seen so far. We have only two more remaining lessons, and while there are two (three) more 12-week series, it's not clear how quickly we'll restart. Which may free up part of my Friday nights.

I was going to be camping out at LCA tonight, at the Relay for Life, but we didn't start putting out team together early enough, and logistics kind of fell apart on us. Which leaves me veggin in front of the big and little screens, resting up for a work day tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the last weekend before the PWP, so we'll be scurrying around putting the house to rights for company coming. If the boys finish up with the pressure washer early enough in the day, I may even clean out the pond.

The weekend at church, the message is What God Says About Hunting. In my contest enry, I suggested that the message would be about Listening for God's Voice. Mostly because I associate hunting with sitting in a deer blind in the woods, being very quiet and very still. Which is why I don't hunt, plus preferring to eat chicken and beef over wild animals.

So, what do you think the message will be, that has hunting as a clue?
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