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It's not surprising how beneficial twelve hours of sleep can be...

I generally read email and live journal in the mornings, since I don't have enough energy for much of anything else, and well, then I'm awake. I wasn't getting enough sleep though, so I've decided I really don't need to be complimenting that habit with alsoreading email and live journal at night.

So last night I actually shut down the computer at suppertime. Wow.

And realized there was no reason to stop me from going to bed early and catching up on sleep. Mind you, in this case, that meant catching up so thoroughly that I didn't read email or live journal until after noon today. But I got lots of sleep and a good breakfast and a decent attempt at a Friday crossword, and some hubby time, so I'm pleased.

Whee! Sydb42 is back online!

Thanks to demariana for suggesting that I add myself to my friends list to see my recent posts in order with my friends.

And now, to tackle the day...

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