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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Summer Events
I just updated my profile to list the dates for summer events, and take chess club out of my weekly schedule, as yesterday was the last meeting of chess club for this school year.

An excerpt of the summer events includes:

Summer Events

Date Night: Spamalot Thu 17 May

Flar and the boys and I are joining Ro and Knight in Louisville for Spamalot. We're meeting for dinner first, at a restaurant called Volares.

Relay for Life Fri 18 May thru Sat 19 May

Come out to the LCA campus and join us as we walk for cancer awareness. The event starts at 7pm, but I won't be showing up until after The Mat. It lasts until noon Saturday, and I'm camping out with a few friends for the event. We're bringing games to while away the time when we aren't walking. For more information about the event, Check out the website.

PWP: Ding Hai! Fri 25 May thru Mon 28 May

A poly family gathering. See the invitation for more details.

Branson with Granmommy & Grandaddy Sat 16 June thru Sat 23 June

Mom and Dad had a banked week that was about to slip away, so we're joining them in Branson for a week.

Brad! We'll be driving through St. Louis, coming and going. Are you freed up on either Saturday for a lunch date as we pass through?

Atlanta with Granmommy & Grandaddy Mon 16 July thru Sun 22 July

Mom and Dad are going to be there for a Gideons conference, and have invited us to join them.

Summer Road Trip: Canada Thu 26 July thru Sun 5 Aug

Flar and the boys are I are planning to drive up via Sandusky and back via Cornell. We've talked about taking a ferry; we've talked about staying at a cooking school; I wanna see the falls if we're going to be that close; we haven't fleshed out any details yet.

Mark! I'll be contacting you when I have more specific details about our trip -- we're hoping to visit while we're in town, and set up a tour of campus for Critter. He'd probably also love a personal tour from you, showing him how an alum has stayed and thrived. ;)

Back to School EJHS: Wed 15 Aug; Sayre: Tue 21 Aug

DragonCon Fri 31 Aug thru Mon 3 Sep

We enjoyed it last year; we'll probably go back. We don't have memberships yet.

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OK! Need a place to stay? As of right now, I should be around then.

I hestitate to impose all four of us on you, but if you have the room, we would love to. :)

We haven't set down and mapped out the trip yet, so I'm not sure exactly when we'll be through. I'll let you know, as we do more planning.

So far that whole range of dates is open for me, and Saturday afternoons tend not to fill up (except for the polymunch, which is the 9th that month, so not a problem). I'm looking forward to seeing you, it's been WAY too long.

We would love to see you. You can compare heights with Critter. ;)

Could you email me a working phone number for you?

sysdeb at iglou dot com


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