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Flar took some pictures of Critter before he left to pick up his date, but I haven't /copied them from his phone/developed, printed & scanned the film shots/. Meanwhile, this is a picture that her parents took when he picked her up.
Critter & his prom date

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What a great-looking couple! Critter's certainly taller than last time I saw him...


He's almost 6 feet tall at the doctor's office.

What a great photo--they both look great. I don't remember dresses like that when I was her age!! *wink*

Tell me about it; I was covered in chiffon.

Aww. They're cute...and when did Critter grow up??!!

It seems like it happens overnight, doesn't it?

Critter grew up quite a while ago (at least physically). Alas, even Tigger is a bit taller than I am now (although we try not to let on, since he doesn't want to grow up)!!

*sniff* They grow up so damned fast!

She's a good height for Critter - they make a cute couple!

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