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Today's phrase is: Pronto para jantar? which means Ready for dinner?

I even learned it early enough to call Flar down for dinner tonight. :)

Today's interesting science article (thanks to Envoy for the headsup). Woo hoo! ET phone home. :)

I bowled pretty well this morning. My team took 3 points out of 4. I bowled 182 in the first game and 160 in the second game. I don't remember the third; I can't remember if I even made my average.

Picked up meat and water and red sauce at Sam's. Along with Monsters, Inc., which we watched with dinner tonight.

Dropped by to pick up the trophies for the Scooby Gang, but they weren't ready yet, so I'll get them tomorrow when I'm out.

And finally got to the box store to ship stuff for Turnip, stuff for Cinder, and that bad flash card. And brought home new boxes for Tigger's school work.

On the way to school, I picked up grey yarn to combine with the green for Bébé's sweater. At home, while Tigger read to me, I knitted a flat piece to test the gauge. Flar decided that it would be too thick a sweater with double thread, and that plain green would be fine as a cardigan. I should have enough of the yarn already for the sweater, so the only bit left is for me to find a good pattern for a cardigan. And then I can start working on the actual sweater. It felt good to be knitting again. -- Finger movements that I haven't used in a long while. Kind of fun. Not sure what I'll use the grey yarn for...

Tomorrow, I'm driving the boys to school, and taking Flood to visit Tigger's class. I'm looking forward to seeing what his teacher thinks of her, so many months bigger. The drive to school is a long enough distance that Flood used to throw upon the way to school. On the advice of my trainer, I've bought ginger snaps to help settle her tummy, and I'm planning to withhold her breakfast until after she's gotten back home. I'm hoping that will help.

Critter has decided what he's going to do for his 13th birthday: a quiet celebration at home with family on his birthday, and then a movie party with 8 friends, for the opening night of Harry Potter: the Chamber of Secrets.

After taking Flood to school tomorrow, I'll start in on folding last week's laundry, and washing more. Then I can finish off the paperwork left-over from paying bills last week, and see about clearing off the debris from unpacking after my trip to California.

Going to try to get to sleep early tonight. Last night, after I finished writing in my journal, I still had to get together the stuff to ship today, and I was also delayed by a phone call from my mom. I've convinced Flar to wake up the boys for me in the morning, since I'm driving, but that will really just give me time to exercise and shower. Tonight, I've got a phone call with Wolf after I read to the kids, but I should be able to do that in bed.

Oh, so I don't remember if I've put this into the journal yet. I'm exercising now. It seems to be working out to be Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat, since I'm not supposed to miss more than one day in a row, and I've been disinclined to exercise before bowling in the morning. Perhaps once I get more used to it, I'll exercise 6 days a week. But I still want to loll on Sundays. I started out with 5 situps, 5 pushups and 5 minutes of running in place, and yesterday moved up to 10 situps, 10 pushups and still 5 minutes running in place. But 10 pushups still hurt too much, so I'm backing off to 6, and building that more slowly. Pretty wimpy, but I'm pretty pleased about staying with the "don't skip more than one day in a row" rule.

And, now doesn't that look at smug and self-congratulatory. But the exercising wasn't really my idea. Well, technically, I've been wanting to push myself to get more exercise, but it took Wolf making it an order, and a commitment to him, for me to actually do it. The magic hasn't worn thin yet. ;)

Critter brought home a permission slip and information packet today, for a class trip that he's taking Monday through Friday next week. I'd have preferred some advance warning on financial details, but I'm not sure whether it would have made a difference. Besides the money for the trip, we also need to get Critter a second pair of sneakers, for getting muddy. His hiking boots from last year are definitely too small.

Chess Club starts on Friday. I ordered the fuzzy stamp making supplies from Ro's Stampin' Up party, and a sea-otter stamp online. All's I need now is good quality sticker paper, and I can make fuzzy otter stickers for the Chess Coach.

Yep, this is getting rambly.

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