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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Prom night
Critter arrived home at 5 of midnight. We imposed no curfew, neither did her parents. I will post pictures later. They did not pose for the formal portrait at the dance, but her parents did get pictures of both of them. He left after I was already at church, and he and Flar managed to forget the flower. (I get an orchid for mother's day, as a result, so I can hardly complain.)

They did go out together today to pick up the tux, get Flar's car cleaned, and get cash for allowance.

It seems that Critter and his date had arranged to "double" with four other couples at Sal's. The reservation got mixed up however, so they had to wait a little for the table. He said the restaurant was a little loud - partly due to the location of their table. He said they both enjoyed the dance, and overall, he seemed happy.

There's a tricky balance in debriefing a date -- not pressing for details, but asking reasonably conversational questions to at least find out something. ;)

Oh, and her eyes are blue. I gave him the challenge of finding that out by the end of the evening. ;)

Critter looks great in a tux. We're going shopping in October when the used ones go on sale. It will definitely save him money in the long run.

Meanwhile, I have proposed to Flar that we alternate responsibility for our date nights, and suggested that he could finalize the planning this month, since we're going to Louisville and he has an idea about a restaurant. He's already settled up with Knight on the tickets, so he just has to make dinner reservations and let me know whether he's working in Louisville that day, so we can plan cars accordingly.