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Fast-packed weekend, busy half-week ahead

May is a traditionally busy month. :)

The carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow, and Critter was helpful enough to move the speakers for me. We watched Night at the Museum tonight, and straightened up the family room. I opened mail and sorted my roll-top desk surface into file/bills/receipts piles. Then I alphabetized the bills to show up any duplicates to simplify dealing with them. I'm going to sleep early tonight, since I have to be in time for the carpet cleaners. Then I'll do the receipts/bills/filing routine. I'm hoping to knock it all out by the end-of-day, so I can present a balance report and list of bills to pay to Flar.

Earlier today, Flar and Critter and I shopped at BBB for kitchen accoutrements, then saw Spider-Man 3 and did some grocery shopping. Tigger stayed home, since he'd seen the movie earlier with Sunny.

On tap for later this week is plumbing the upstairs kitchen, doing laundry, and going to the Quest Women's Retreat. Next week, I've got an appointment to take the dogs to be shot up and groomed, and I still haven't gotten around to making an appointment for Tigger to go back to his therapist. I also need to put together the schedule for the summer, and try to get Tigger scheduled for OT therapy for his handwriting.

The weekend was fun. Mom and Doll and her sister, Gem, and two-year-old niece, Button, got here Thursday evening, and left early this morning. We had dinner at Cici's with Ro and Knight on Thursday. Friday, Mom took care of Button while Flar went grocery shopping with Doll and Gem. She brought Button with to me for lunch after Life Group. I am really out of condition when it comes to keeping up with a two-year-old. hoo boy. She is extremely sweet and incredibly active.

Tigger went home from school with Sunny, and ended up skipping out on Saturday evening service through a series of missed communications.

Friday night, while I was at the Mat, Flar and Doll and Gem made yummy dinner. Kung Pao, Dumplings, Fried Pork, Fried Shrimp, Sweet Eggplant and sushi. I ate a small enough at the Mat that I had room for a sampling when I got home. All delicious.

Saturday, Mom and Flar and I got up early to fix breakfast for Critter and see him off to his SAT test. Then I watched an episode of The Tudors with Flar and fell back asleep. After I moved to the bedroom, I conked out for longish nap. Flar had a breakfast meeting, and when he came back, he told me to go back to sleep. I didn't get out of bed until 3. Critter had lunch with old TLS friends after the test, then came home claiming that his brain was jellied.

Mom meanwhile, had taken Doll and Gem out shopping with Button, and they got home shortly after Critter. All of us, excepting Flar, went to the service at Quest. After church, we met Ro and Knight and Bébé and Scarlett and Flar at Ramsey's for dinner. It absolutely poured down rain while we ate, but it cleared up before we left. Ramsey's in Tate's Creek is a great place for eating with a toddler -- it's a small place, so it wasn't hard to keep track of her when she wandered, and bonus, they've got a toybox in a quiet corner. After dinner, we drove over to Bébé's house to see the renovations that he and Scarlett are making on it. They're going to move into that house and sell hers. He seems so much happier, now that he's going back home. ;)

What God Says about Ted Haggard turned out to be about the Grace of Getting Caught. The main text was John 7:53-8:11, with allusions to Matthew 7, as regards judging others. In the John text, Jesus wrote in the sand. Although there is nothing in the text to say WHAT Jesus wrote, Pete suggested he wrote the names and sins of the men who were the accusers. While Pete was talking, Amber got up and started writing sins in a sand box (complete with overhead camera) and wiping them clean. Pete's message was about the extent of God's forgiveness, stretching before and even after we come to Christ.

Next week's message is What God Says about Jerry Springer. My guess is that the topic will be conflict. What do you think?
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