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The kitchen, zee is clean...

Well, unless you count the mounds of clean dishes that Critter will be putting away for me at 9:51 (when I inquired at 9:21, he requested a 30 minute break, as he had just finished gathering and taking out the trash). And now, he's doing tech support for my dad, so the break may be longer.

The kitchen table needs a bit of attention, too, but by the time I was done cleaning
  • the microwave
  • the toaster oven
  • the jenn-air
  • the counter (including half the bit behind the sink, but not the part behind the drain board, since I didn't decide to get that thorough until there were already clean dishes blocking that half)
  • the canisters
  • the sinks
  • all the dishes
I was done.

Critter made me dinner. I was that done. Yay for pre-cooked chicken in the freezer! He made me a chicken quesadilla, and brought me the bag-o-gauc for topping. It's really cool: ripe, peeled avocado halves, filled with salsa, then vacuum-sealed and frozen. Thaw in the fridge, then squish before opening. Instant, fresh guacamole that says fresh in the bag, if you open it right. Yummy, zingy but not to spicy, and easy. Comes from Sam's Club.

Once Critter puts away the clean dishes, I'm making enchiladas for tomorrow's dinner and snack for life group. Then I'm falling into bed, since I'm driving Tigger to school in the morning, before Life Group.

Meanwhile, I'm relaxing on my duff. I finished Marley & Me tonight, and while I should have been expecting it, the ending still hit me like a ton of bricks. I laughed, I cried! Go read the book.

Flar commented on how housewifely I've been lately. My word not his. He was commenting positively about how I've been doing more around the house, lately. So I told him. I mean about deciding to give up my time management to God, and how I've been praying for Him to take care of my time, and also been praying about our marriage. Flar responded with a bemused-voiced: Go God?

But I do seem to have way more time lately. And more's been getting done around the house. 'Scool.
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