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I'm re-learning the concept of early-to-bed, early-to-rise. I'm responsible for waking the boys at 6:30am on weekdays, and for waking Tigger at 7:30am on Saturdays. Which means I have to wake at 6 and 7, respectively. It takes time to pull myself out of bed, you see.

It takes a few weeks of this to successfully drill into my brain that I need to go to bed, myself. So here I am, at 10:22 pm, writing a winding up the day post.

Flar is teaching Gaucha English, and me Portuguese. A phrase a day. I have a Vocabulary list that I've defined as my startup page in my browser, and now I'm learning phrases. Yesterday's phrase was my name is ... which is mi nome es in Portuguese. Today's phrase isare you hungry? which is esta você fome? - often shortened to just você fome?

I'm re-learning about setting goals, versus achieving them.

Of goals for today, I partially attained one: the kitchen is cleaner.

On the other hand, I spent quality time with Knight and Tigger and Critter, made a decent, balanced dinner, sorted the mail (but added to that pile of stuff I need to see to), and talked to my mom and Wolf. And then did some scheduling stuff with Flar.

I've learned about upcoming schedules. Mom got another free Southwest ticket in the mail, so she can fly here for free in November, to babysit.

Upcoming events: my birthday, Halloween, trip to Hedo and Critter's Birthday.

I'm having a tiny party to celebrate my 41st birthday -- those who are invited have already gotten email. I've chosen the movies I want to watch at my birthday party, but one of them is not available on media, so it's become a quest object, instead:
  • What's So Bad about Feeling Good?
  • Joe Versus the Volcano
  • Simply Irresistable
  • For Pete's Sake
  • Crazy People
  • The Dream Team

The idea being, to watch three movies at the party, but I've picked backup movies, in case my first choices are hard to get.

I talked to Flar tonight, and he doesn't want to host a Halloween party this year. We're invited to someone else's party on the Saturday we would traditionally choose to host our party, and I think he just wants a break this year. It will be a nice change of pace to dress up and go to someone else's house for a party, I suppose. I suppose I better check to see if it's actually a costume party -- before I decide how elaborately to dress. Of course I'll be in some form of costume no matter, but I've subtle costumes that double as party fare. ;)

Flar and Gaucha and Knight and I are going to Hedonism III, the first week in November. The beginning of the week coincides with my anniversary with Knight, so he's calling it our honeymoon. It will be the first opportunity I get to meet Gaucha in person. Thus the renewed concentration on learning Portuguese. Kittybane is staying with the boys over the first weekend we'll be gone, and then Mom is coming up that Sunday, to stay for 10 days. She seems interested in having Kittybane stay through the week, so that there are two of them for the boys.

Critter is turning 13 on the 11th of November. So far, he's expressed interested in having a lowkey sort of affair. Mom will be here for his birthday, so we'll probably have family over that Monday. And then, have whatever party he wants for his friends, the following weekend.

So, lots of planning in an itty bitty time frame.

If you know someone who usually comes to our Halloween party, and doesn't read my live journal, let them know we're not doing it this year, okay?

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