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Gradual garage sale

At first, Spring Break was going to be Ebay week, because we weren't traveling. I even starting parking my car beside Critter's, so we would have a place to stage items as we were listing and selling them.

Critter got lots of stuff out to the garage, but I took my sweet time getting around to listing anything. Anyway, this last weekend, I started listing stuff. Four items at a time in scheduled auctions. The first set end on Saturday night, and now I've listed another set to end on Tuesday night.

The categories range, due to the eclectic nature of the house clutter. If you're interested, check out my Online Garage Sale.

In other de-cluttering news, I've finished organizing my hanging space in my closet. Sadly, I fear I have no room for new clothes. What's a girl to do? Me, I've put "brightly colored safety pins" on my shopping list, to tag all the clothes in my closet. I will remove pins as I wear clothes, and next year, I'll get rid of clothes that still have pins on them. Yes, there are some clothes that won't get the initial pins, but I've quite a lot of clothes that I could part with, given the one year rule. I'm also going to follow the "buy one, toss two" rule from now on, for clothes and accessories.

I also re-organized my dresser a bit, getting rid of more t-shirts, and making more coherent space for my summer clothes.

I'm almost caught up with the mountain of laundry that Tigger made for me. My clean clothes are already put away; the kitchen table is still clean, and the jacuzzi top mostly clear; the dishes are looming, and I've ignored the mail for Too Long™.

I've a new volunteer role in the church, basically Girl Friday for Amber. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to church to pack up some props to return to the church member who donated them. Depending on how long that takes, I may run errands out until it's time to pick up Tigger. Otherwise, I'll boogie back home to wrestle the Plastic Container Pack to submission.
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