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This morning was wonderfully relaxed. I blew off making brunch on the theory that I wasn't hungry yet and the boys weren't awake, and rolled over and slept another hour. Then I got dressed for nursery duty early enough to hang out with Matt before I left. He had made a nest for himself on the couch, to read the Sunday paper and munch on caramel corn.

I played with 1 year olds at church today. We colored, and read board books, and swaddled baby dolls, and had snack, and wiggled a lot. I wore my "Chillin with my Peeps" shirt that Ro gave me, and comfy capris.

It was a gorgeous day today. Sunny and clear and warm. I was walking out to the car when I saw that I'd missed a call from Critter while the phone was silent. He wanted to know if I'd go along with he and Tigger to Lowe's, to buy a kitchen sink.

Okay, so then the day turned a tad surreal.

Taking back reality, I insisted that Flar be involved in this kind of decision, and he was sleeping. So I watched some TV that Critter had been saving to share with me, and chilled a bit.

Flar took us past surreal to Wonderland when he woke up.

At Lowe's, we bought a base cabinet, a countertop, endcaps, a wall cabinet, knobs and pulls and brackets and shelf, a faucet and a drain kit, and yes, a kitchen sink. We also got me a new kitchen stool, Tigger a replacement board for his bed (which will need supporting slats), some lights for Flar's office, and some pretty copper baskets for under the new sink.

We're building out the kitchenette upstairs. Flar's supposed to call his contractor friend that still owes him money, so he can work out some in-kind installation work. And then we'll call out the plumbers and get various other minor work done around the house, as well as installing the faucet and drain.

When we went to fix Tigger's bed, besides finding that we'll need to buy slats, we also found a grave lack of keeping up with Tigger's personal housekeeping. In the process of incidental cleaning, Tigger completely filled the laundry chute. As reparations for increasing my workload this week, he's grounded from WOW for a week, from all other games until he finishes cleaning his room, and on supervised laundry detail for a month. He has to fold his laundry downstairs, and have supervision from another family member, ensuring that he actually puts his clothes away properly.

Sadly, much of the new laundry pile went from freshly laundered to floor-trampled, without ever being worn. Tigger actually suggested he be grounded from WOW for a full month. (But then, what can I hold over his head in a few weeks, the next time there's some serious issue?) ;)

The upshot is, I'm up doing a load of laundry that includes pants, and another that includes shirts, for Tigger. There's a clean sweater still downstairs, so I can wait until tomorrow to do sweaters. Yes, it got up to 80 today, but Tigger still wants to wear a sweater to school.

After I take time to read devotions, I'll probably have time to watch a little more TV before I get to sleep myself.
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