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I just locked my keys in my car. For the first time since I bought it in 2005, so that's actually a great record for me. Unfortunately, the extra key is also in the car. D'oh.

As I was on my way out, also in the car are my purse and my book bag, so I don't get to use this enforced rest period to catch up on my Food Group lessons. Looks like an ideal time to catch up a little in my journal, then.

My last update was about Transformation. I wrote it before Easter weekend, and God just filled up my Easter basket that weekend. I got to see how overwhelming can be His answers to prayers. In the sheer numbers of people that showed up for the first Saturday service. In the amazing number of people who asked Christ into their hearts over that weekend. In the very personal answer to prayer, as I saw Sunny (L) standing there in the middle of the aisle, with his red card in hand, knowing that he had just prayed to receive Jesus.

Easter weekend was great. We - Ro, Knight, Me, Tigger, Scarlett, Bébé, Scooter, Locks, Brook, Brody, Truly, Flar and Critter almost filled the back row of the sanctuary. Sunny gave his life to Christ.

After church, Ro and Knight and Flar and the boys and I went out to dinner at Smashing Tomato, which offers a yummy spicy tomato base for their pizzas.

Sunday, I went in to help with the babies, and even though we had large numbers of people in the service, the number of children in KidsQuest Jr. was very small. After that, I went home and changed into my dressy clothes for Easter Brunch. This was my first opportunity to wear my new corset to a buffet meal -- using it to help me with my eating speed and volume. We ate at the Hyatt Regency with Ro and Knight and Scarlett and Bébé. Scarlett loved my corset, and I hear she's already called Spydie to set up an appointment.

After we got home from brunch, I ended up sleeping through the Block Party at church. Then I went to bed about the same time Flar did.

I then continued through the week without crashing, even though it felt like the usual emotional and energy high that ought to be followed by exhaustion and lethargy. I woke up at 8am on Monday, and fixed breakfast for Critter before cleaning in the laundry room and jacuzzi room. I even had time to start catching up on Food Group lessons.

Tuesday and Wednesday were similar, waking up naturally with lots of energy and motivation to do stuff around the house that was long overdue. The front hall is cleaner, the jacuzzi room is cleaner and the kitchen table (was) spotless. Flar noticed and commented on all of it, very pleased.

Wednesday night at Celebration was just that. We celebrated all of the answered prayers from the weekend. It was energizing, and made it easy for me to be alert through the reasonably full night of work that followed. I sleep in on Thursday, and got to stay home and enjoy family time that night. I stayed up too late on Thursday, but actually went to bed with Flar woke up and came to get me at 3am.

Friday in Life Group we got information about an upcoming Women's Retreat, and I volunteered to help with registration. I may get to help with data entry from the registration cards. Woot! Friday night at The Mat we got to continue sharing joys from the past weekend; after meetings were over, I ran into Berry and we talked and talked and really caught up with each other.

Saturday, Critter took the ACT while Flar and I went to a Republican party Meet the Candidates thingie at Golden Corral. In the evening, I went to church by myself and stayed late to help with registration for the Women's Retreat.

Sunday, we left two hours earlier than usual, in order for me to work in the KQJr and the boys to pick up Sunny so that he could join us at the Sunday service. After church, we met Flar for lunch at Macaroni Grill and then vegged out at home.

Flar's been working on taxes, and yesterday he got to the point where he was ready to use the Mac in the kitchen. Now the spotlessly clean kitchen table has a bunch of stuff that *was* hiding out in the amazingly roomy, yet apparently tiny computer desk area. Flar gets a spotless computer desk, and I have this week's de-cluttering mission.

Meanwhile, between generating reports in Quicken for the the taxes, I've written this year's PWP invitation and gathered up the old invitations and auxiliary pages into a coherent space. It's all hosted at home, on my recently acquired domain. I've still got some work to do with Critter later, figuring out how he pointed at his space, versus how I pointed at mine. Anyhoo, I'm waiting on my poofreaders, then I'll set the invite loose on the net. ;)

Today, I tamed quite a bit of the clutter from the computer desk. Then I got myself together for going out, and managed to lock my keys in the car.

The AAA guy came out more quickly than promised. I suppose I should be reassured by how difficult it was for him to get into my car. At any rate, I then drove to meet Amber at her house. She's the creative arts director at Quest, and we talked about how I could help her. Maybe errands, maybe scouting sources, maybe administrative type stuff.

I'm working tonight; watching a bit of TV with Critter while I write this, then I'll fix some dinner and pack up to go to work.
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