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My Weekend

I never did really get much done on Friday, except for catching up on sleep. On the other hand, since I was all caught up on bills, is it any surprise I didn't get housework done? I did six loads of laundry, but since they're all sitting clean in laundry baskets, waiting to be folded, I'm not really sure that counts as done.

I did get to talk to Turnip. I'm making more of an effort to remember to call him, if he doesn't call me. That way we've twice the chance that we'll actually get to talk.

On the way home from school, I took the boys by Funcoland to pick out a present for Grace's son. We also had a game that didn't work, but no receipt. I've been keeping up with receipts pretty well, so it bothers me that I couldn't find this one. But they were very nice, and gave us in-store credit for almost as much as we'd paid for it. For the birthday gift, we picked out Super Monkey Ball, and a package of Gamecube game cases. The bitty colored plastic kind.

Flar came home late, and by then I had managed to clear off the top of the jacuzzi, and had straightened the kitchen a little bit. He must have been awfully tired -- he didn't even notice the jacuzzi top was cleared off, and it's usually the first thing he looks at when he comes in.

Saturday, I spent the day at gaming places.

First, Tigger had bowling in the morning. He bowled 91 and 86, establishing a nice 88 starting average. He has a little girl on his team who is just starting out. She bowled 10 and 16. She would prefer to be bowling with bumpers, but is too old to be in that league. I think she'll improve dramatically over the season.

We actually had time to drop by trophy shop to place an order, and the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, on the way to T's birthday party. Which was at Gattitown. I promised Grace that I'd stay, since her husband was not going to be there. There were a number of other moms who stayed, so I ended up talking with the grownups, and only barely helping out with the party. Which appeared to run smoothly enough. Grace got a little nervous about making sure all the kids were picked up by their parents at the end of the party, but that seemed to work out okay.

I had managed to pick up a headache, so I napped when we got home.

Then Flar and Critter and Tigger and Knight and Ro and I drove up to Covington, to check out Jillian's. It's the closest establishment with hyperbowling, and I was thinking about having my birthday party there. I decided it wasn't the kind of place where I wanted to have my birthday party, but it was fun as a short-distance adventure. I want to go back sometime and eat at the hibachi grill there. The chefs wear funny hats and so do the diners. When we looked in, everyone seemed to be having a pretty fun time, but their tables were full till 9:30, and there's an adults-only after 9pm rule at Jillian's. So, next time.

Sunday is a day of rest, and I sure took that seriously this week. It's the only morning I don't have responsibility to be out of bed and waking up one or both of the kids, so I slept in. Tigger and Flar made me breakfast in bed -- Tigger made the cheese eggs, and they were yummy. I've been immersed the the Night's Dawn series by Peter S. Hamilton for sometime now, and finished up book 4, before moving from the bed to the bath.

Mmm. Bubblebath. I've rediscovered bathing, with the effort to keep water out of my left ear. Aveeno for my skin, Avon bubbles for my soul. A two inch bath to shave and wash in, drained, and then fill the tub past the jacuzzi jets to soak in moisturing bubbles. I had to clean the tub before I could get in it, as the last bather was Tigger. When I'm done with the bath, it's clean for the next use, though. I relaxed in the tub until about the time I knew that Flar was driving Tigger home from his second birthday party of the weekend.

We had made tentative plans to get together with Knight and Ro to see a movie, but they didn't call, and I was all comfy with a book and bagel bites, so I didn't call, either. I think it was somewhat latish when Ro called to say that Knight had gotten a late start on sleeping, and we talked about movie-ing later in the week.

Instead, I watched Red Mars, made cookies - the new ready-to-cook kind with edible pictures - and went to bed.

Which brings me to this morning. The plumber has come and gone, and now that I have a working faucet in the kitchen, I'm to clean.

Goals for the day:
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Work on the pile of Stuff to Do left over from paying bills
  • Post bills from current mail.

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