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A day of sleeping, reading and paperwork

I got up early today with Tigger. We got his and Z's costumes ready for Wednesday, then I went back to bed went to sleep in my chair. I eventually moved to bed, and slept in too long for errands. Deciding that, I took the time for Thin Within exercises and Life Group reading before I left to pick up Tigger.

No work tonight; I was moderately productive at home. I put away the dishes that Flar washed yesterday (due to an offhand comment from me, that since he wasn't going to church, he should wash dishes), helped Tigger cook his dinner & mine, cooked dinner for Flar, and worked on paperwork.

I had this great conversation with Mom today, wherein she gave me spiritual advice as a mom and wife. I teared up at the lost years where I wasn't in a place to receive this kind of word from her, and gratefulness that I am now.

Flar's got this great idea that I could go to bed when he does, on nights that I don't work. He went to bed at 8:30 tonight. I don't think so. Instead, I moved laundry, worked on bills and ripping an audiobook, and now I'm going to treat myself to some bedtime TV, reading and snacking before I join him. Going to bed at midnight. Sharp.
Tags: chores, finances, mom, school, sleep habits
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