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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Happy Pi Day!
Pi Day
I love a ready-made menu, don't you? Steak and broccoli quiche for dinner tonight, yay!

In reviewing my calendar, I found that my pedicure is next week, thus expanding my morning. Leaving at 1:30 to get to the bank in good time (to make a deposit and make a payment) will give me a nice amount of reading time in car-line today. I called and changed my appointment next week from Wednesday to Thursday, thus clearing my calendar on Wednesday to join the kids for SASSE. Need to touch base with Tigger's teacher on that.

Planning to stop by Ro and Knight's on my way to work tonight to hang out a bit. sadisticrequiem is in town for her spring break, and it'll be fun to see her.

And now that I've used up all my LJ and email, it's time to get to work on bills again.

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It will be good to see her. I'm putting the finishing touches on a Care package tonight.

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