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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I let it go again...
Bills Bills Bills
... but I finally tackled it.

Observation: in order for my desk to function for bills-paying, it cannot be a holding place for non-bills-paying materials.

Right now, I have them stuffed in a bag. I'll get caught up on bills-paying, and then I'll deal with what's in the bag.

The bright side, is that I've got all my receipts and checks and deposits entered. The dark side is how long I've waited to tackle this and the likelihood that there are late bills. Which do tend to complicate the paperwork. ;)


Get the bank to reset my password
Catch up on dishes, start laundry & continue to work on bills
Deposit a check

Work - I seem to back on a consistent 3 days a week, but all short days. It's enabling me to sleep earlier.

Earlier today, I helped create leggings and supervised while the boys turned posterboard into beaten metal. Tigger was more adept at the spray painting, and will be applying the remaining coats. After I buy more paint. They have "leather" leggings, "leather" and "metal" kilts, "metal" front & back armor with shoulder pads, and "metal" helms. I'll help Tigger do the assembly after we deem the posterboard pieces metalic enough. They won't be wearing the costumes until next Wednesday, so he's got time to do a good job. Technically, the costumes fall on Tigger's side of the work division in the partnership, so it's reasonable to get him to finish it up. :)

And now to bed, while there's a good chance of waking around 10am. (and cool! that works out to 8 hours of sleep)

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I am taking a new approach to filing (not for dealing with bills, we are still using PayTrust for actually paying them - the check/ET records are worth the monthly fee).

I found an application that lets me scan my bills into PDF files and organizes them by bill/account/date. As a plus, it does them by batch. Every couple days, as bills come in, I log on to PayTrust to make sure a payment is ready (if I know it is not an automatic), then I scan them. Then I can toss all my bills into a box. If I ever need to find one again, I can search this application, instead of paper files. I still *have* the original, if I need to prove it, but this is so much easier.


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