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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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Random thoughts while reading the paper
The Lexington diocese is looking for replacement priests. Well, that's the headline of the continuation of the article about the latest round of priests in the news. Now, I don't follow these articles; I think it's an unfortunate happening, and haven't gotten myself all riled up about the topic. But it occured to me, someone could probably do a fine parody of Replacement Killers with the title Replacement Priests. No doubt that it would be highly offensive, of course...

When they changed the format of the newspaper to allow for skinnier paper, they re-organized the local news section a bit, moving the obituaries. The short bits are now on page 4, and the longer funeral notices, the ones with the pictures, are on page 5. I think the obits used to fit completely on page 2, with the occasional companion article on page 3. The re-org means that regular stories also fit on the same pages as the obit.

Which is all background for my other random thought. Another candidate just announced in the governor's race. John Coburn. The article about this started on page 1 of the local news, and was continued onto page 5. Above the continuation article, there was a bio with a picture.

I'm pretty sure John Coburn is still alive, but it seems odd to place his bio on the same page with the funeral notices, which are often biographical in content.

Housecleaning. Really. Right after I read the comix. ;)