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Tigger's sleepover was small but fun. He and four friends spent varying amounts of time together from before the party officially started until shortly before it was scheduled to end. They spent most of the time in his room, playing video games and watching TV. The hiking was a bust due to the good weather showing up 24 hours early and not sticking around. The twinkies looked great, but we didn't immediately fill them and wrap them, so they dried out sufficiently to be too hard to fill when we made the filling (approximately 18 hours apart). The cake was delicious and almost gone. The pizza cups didn't happen because Tigger left the cupcake pans at school (from bringing pizza cups to school on Wednesday), but there was plenty of other food, in the form of chips, bagel bites and totino's pizzas. I did serve carbolicious breakfast midday on Saturday, and that was well-received.

Critter tested negative for mono, and had normal readings for kidney function, liver function, glucose, etc. He is back at school today after being out all week. A friend brought him work on Saturday and he spent the rest of the weekend holed up in his room doing homework. Except for the time that we spent at church and at P.F.Chang's for Tigger's birthday meal out.

I am behind on desk-related work, and I need to start another round of laundry, but the kitchen and other parts of the house are fairly clean. Flar and I looked at the dishwasher and determined that we don't have the right screwdriver bit to remove the part that is clogged, so I need to call the dishwasher repairman at some point. Meanwhile, I'm keeping up with the dishes, including top-rack items.

I bought a couple of new domains from GoDaddy, and will be hosting the PWP stuff at home; after I get the invitation up, I'll be looking into bringing Erosul back up. The latter is more back-burner than the former. More on this as I actually write something.

TIgger and I sat down today and planned the barbarian garb. I've got a shopping list for tomorrow that involves "leather" material and laces, posterboard and metalic paint, something to use for the basis for hats, and one wig and two beards. His partner is coming over after school tomorrow, and we're going to take pictures of the costumes with shield and sword, since they can't bring the latter to school.

I'm spending more time in line before car-line starts running, to have quiet time to read and do bible studies. I did some catching up while Critter was at Tutoring Club on Saturday: I'm slowly catching up on the Life Group and Thin-Within reading and exercises. My goal is to set aside an extra hour in car-line four days a week (or five, when Tigger isn't staying for chess club) for devotion, LG and TW reading and exercises.

Work tonight; work at home tomorrow. Thinking I should give social night another pass while I'm behind on bills.
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