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Mild Mannered Housewife IS a super hero role

Of course, anyone who's known me more than a day knows that for me, it's the Mild Manners that would take super powers. ;)

Tigger's on snack duty this week, and his birthday is Sunday. I wanna go to the Mat on Friday, and church on Sunday morning, and Flar's working in Louisville on Friday. Oh, and the top rack of our dishwasher doesn't work because the piping to the top sprayer is stopped up again.

And that's the ordinary stuff. Yesterday, Critter woke up feeling sick AGAIN.

That's the setup for my day. Which went kinda like this:

Woke up at 6am -- I swear I only hit the snooze button once; sprang out of bed late at 7:05am. Got Tigger to school WITH his 2007-2008 contract to give to the front office (Pringles are not a reasonable breakfast, but I can't pee, dress AND make fried rice in 10 minutes) on time. Spoke with Critter on the run about staying home again, getting a doctor's appointment, take your claritin AND sudafed AND mucinex AND ibuprofin if you've pain.

Got home from Sayre, had breakfast, did puzzles and tranced out to the LCD meditation device (LJ and email on my laptop).

Left at 9:30am to pick Flar up at the airport. Arrived before he did, didn't get noodged by the no-standing police.

Made an appointment to take Critter to the doctor at 1 something, took a 30 minute nap, fed us both lunch and got to the doctor's office early enough to be seen at 1. Critter got his height measured again, since he thuoght the 5'10" measurement was slouched -- managed a 5'11.25" this time. Doctor prescribed a Z-pack and blood tests, murmuring something about the possibility of mono. (Critter later commented: "Great, and I didn't even get to kiss anyone.") Critter, who has a very strong dread of needles, handled the blood-draw fairly well. Steady breathing (make my hair move - it's dirty so you'll have to work at it) into my face and squeezing my hand occupied him away from the needle. Afterwards, he was hot and clammy and benefited from laying down.

(He doesn't do this on purpose to reassure me that he still needs him Mommy does he?)

We ate lunch at Ramsey's, and I even got him pie to take home.

I picked up meds on the way home with him, and didn't even leave the car when I dropped him off -- it was time to go to chess club for Tigger. Chess club was uneventful. Apparently the K5 kids managed a trophy; I didn't catch which place, other than knowing it had to be third or lower, since the Blitz-off for first didn't include Sayre.

On the way home from chess club, we picked up extra cresent rolls for pizza cups (and found out the Pillsbury bakeoff is coming up -- Tigger wants to enter the pizza cups), Private Selection soups and deli-prepared sandwiches for dinner, and a new head of lettuce for Flar.

At home, we spent about an hour lolling on the bed talking with, playing with, Flar, who had been napping. We figured out that if we have the sleepover from 7pm-7pm Friday night, Flar can be home for the first shift. I got Tigger's guest list and made a dozen calls before 9pm, then relaxed a bit before cooking. Since Tigger had to be in bed before snack-preparation could begin, twinkies become cupcakes (he wants to be in on the first batch). Note to self: be conservative filling cupcake cups with baking Angel Food cake.

I made a batch of Angel Food cupcakes, topped with Fluff filling (it was more appealing to me, at the time, than buttercream), assembled a dozen cheese pizza cups and dozen pepperoni, put away all the handwash, loaded the dishwasher and washed all the top-rack items and hand-wash items.

My hands are shiny clean but hair is days from a decent wash.

and my day is shifting -- I actually feel tired and it's not quite 1!

Almost forgot to set the oven for time bake and set out the carrying case for transporting the pizza cups. Then to bed, perchance to sleep. In the morning, I'm getting up to show Tigger the quick-fry rice technique I've been using, and then after getting them off to the car, I'm going back to bed for a nap.

It's nice to have Flar back home. :)

The rest of the week, my bonus Mom activity will be helping Tigger plan the execution of his German Barbarian costumes for he and Z. Ooh, need to copy that picture and get the drive back to Tigger.
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