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Micky, we hardly knew you

While Mom was here, she bought some new fish for Tigger. Of our latest batch of fish, all had survived handily, except for one of the two Zebra Danios and sadly, the crab.

With the new fish added to the tank, our population entailed:

Mongo, the largest fish, a Golden Barb
The Sheriff, a Cherry Barb (these two were the only survivors of the dark times, when the filter wasn't running)

Sam and George, a pair of Neon Tetras

Marty, the remaining Zebra Danio

Pauly and Molly, the Black Mollies (I presume them a mating pair, as I've seen at least one miniature Black Molly, who unfortunately didn't mature)

and the new guys:

Micky, the Micky Mouse Platy

Tony, the Tiger Barb

Chloe, the Glofish

and Wonder Woman, the new crab.

This morning, I found Micky curled and floating. I've fished him out and disposed of him. The other fish appear to be doing okay; we'll see.
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