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A short report on the State Team Chess Tournament

Tigger won his first game -- against a 7th grader! He lost his second game, also against a 7th grader, who was an individual state champion last year. His win was one of three giving his team a point in the first round. In the second round, all of his teammates lost their game.

He swapped with the alternate for the remainder of the tournament, and won his third round, then lost in the final round. His team finished the day with 2 points, not in contention for a trophy.

Tigger really enjoyed the tournament. He was an important contributor to the team's performance. They were five 6th graders in the K8 division holding their own against 7th & 8th graders.

The winner of the tournament for K5 was Meadowthorpe, after a double blitz-off to break the tie with the other team with 3.5 points.

The K3 tournament was won by TLS, with 4 points. TB (Berry's son) had the pressure on him in the final round, due to a teammate taking an early draw. He won, ending his K3 career with a state team championship. Berry was ecstatic.

This morning, we slid Tigger down the stairs in his sleeping bag to get him to the car for church, lunch, and the drive to Louisville.

Mom treated us to lunch at Max and Erma's on our way to Louisville. Then we met up with Alaska et alia for a bit of active research at First U, then headed home. The dogs are out of kibble, so we stopped at Meijer for more gushy food, new cedar chips (the dog beds need washing), and some other odds and ends. Now Mom is en route from Chicago to San Antonio, Tigger is in bed, and Critter is doing homework to the Dresden Files. Now that I'm done reading LJ and email, I've got a few days of hand-wash dishes to tackle, and then it's my goal to get to bed early, since I'm driving Tigger to Sayre in the morning.

I written a list for myself of errands out, calls and at-home tasks in attempt to get the house all sparkly for Flar to return on Tuesday. Getting up early in the morning after a good night's sleep would be a great start.
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