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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Costumers - Cry for help
Tigger is in the midst of a social studies project about Germany. He and his partner have a defined division of labor that puts his partner in charge of bringing a German recipe and Tigger in charge of procuring German clothing.

They are both highly interested in not wearing Lederhosen. And I don't like the idea of dressing them up as little German soldiers.

We've got an idea that they could be German barbarians, with braided wigs. But, what makes up the rest of the outfit (sans weapons, of course; even fake weapons are forbidden post-Columbine)???

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I read BradHick's friendslist; pardon my butting in

The first thing is to ask, "German when?" Then go to the library and look for biographies of Germans from then, or history books, or art-history books, and base their costumes on the pictures (or descriptions). For German barbarians, Ancient Roman history or art might work.

The Artchive (www.artchive.com) might also be helpful if you can find some names to search for.

Re: I read BradHick's friendslist; pardon my butting in

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! :)

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