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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Errands are more fun with company
Flar is on his way to Brazil. He called en route to inform Mom of a change in schedule that gets him there 3 hours earlier rather than later, which is nice.

Since I last wrote, I've acquired a new battery, a replacement slicer & a wired headset with higher-quality boom mike with which Flar will make voice recordings on his Treo. I've worked two nights in a row, made noodles alfredo for dinner one night and eaten chicken dumplings two night. I've watched more TV than I ought with my Mom, and proofread a rough draft for Tigger. There was much errand running and sleeping and surfing.

My replacement Treo is currently in Wilmington OH (according to DHL), scheduled to arrived here by 3pm tomorrow. Mom is going to be home all day, so she should be able to sign for it for me.

I've printed three new name tags, more info-retrieval sheets, and a few sample shorter-format contact sheets for Life Group. We now have 35 ladies in the group, although one will be moving to Florida in the next few months. (Florida keeps snaring ladies away from our life group -- that's where our old leader moved.)

Tomorrow will be a busy day, with Life Group in the morning, home to work on all the sticky notes that Flar left on the kitchen table for me (along with attached errands of course) and finances and such, then The Mat at night.

I'm driving Tigger to school in the morning, since I have to be up for Life Group. ...which made more sense when I was getting to bed by midnight, until I found my mangled headset and did some webshopping -- the place where I found 2.5-3.5 adapters for a buck has 1G SD cards for 12, including a slim card reader. Gonna give it to Flar to use for ease of file transfer when he starts making these voice recordings.