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Valentine's in Waikiki

We slept until 2pm, okay Knight let me sleep - he woke at noon. This is Eastern Standard Time, mind you. Which meant we were up plenty early to get online and catch up on email and LJ before going out to breakfast at I-Hop.

I have to sit on the balcony to get sufficient wireless signal, so I enjoyed the Hawaiian breeze while I read and posted. The air is wonderful here. Warm, but not hot, breezy but not windy, and just the right humiidty. Then Knight brought me my phone so I could call home. Unfortunately, I had my phone on my lap when I was talking, and when I got up to come in, it fell forward off my lap. Too far off the edge of the balcony to remain, it slid off and feel 7 stories to a short roof over the 2nd floor, then slid/bounced and landed plop into the pool.

Someone by the pool fished it out quickly enough, and by the time I got down to the retrieve it, the woman in the office was trying to shake water out of it. But I'm afraid it's a goner. I've had the battery out all day, but there's sign of water in front of or behind the touch screen, and I can't figure out how to open more than just the battery compartment.

The SD card bounced out on the impact with the roof, and the maintenance man retrieved that for me. The question is whether I can get the phone replaced under warranty -- Cingular's insurance plan doesn't cover smartphones, and I didn't have a third party policy.

But somehow, uncertainty over whether my phone would continue functioning didn't put a damper on my day. Mom and Flar and the boys have Knight's number, so I'm not out of touch. I'll just deal with it when I get back home.

We had a delicious breakfast at I-Hop served by a cheerful waiter who would have been right at home in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Then we stayed in the room all day, since I needed to work on bills. We had a Quizno's lunch so late that we didn't have room for more than egg salad sandwiches for dinner. There's a market right on the corner, which has supplied us with Macadamia Nut popcorn, sandwiches, drinks and other snacks.

I got all the receipts entered, then balanced the registers. I spent a lot of time fussing with internet connection -- the wireless signal is so flakey inside the room. I ended up sitting on the balcony to get all the downloads done, but I finally broke down and picked up an ethernet cable to get more reliable connection. I've still got a bit more fiddling to do on the bills, but at least I got information to Flar about the checking balance, the equity credit available, and transferred a little into my savings to cover the car payment.

Today, we're going to drive around the island for some sightseeing, and then go to see Don Ho tonight.
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