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I only got an hour catnap between finishing up the bills and bowling forms this morning, and having to leave to take the boys to school. Flar had a trip to CA, and was leaving the house at 6. I finally got to lay down at 5:30, so I gave him his goodbye hug before napping.

Got the boys to school ontime, albeit later than our usual target. I dropped the bills in a mailbox on the way to the bowling alley.

Bowled poorly, but caught envelopes up with all the moneys contributed last week, and even remembered to get Prez to sign the check before she left, this time.

Was going to stop at Sam's, but I thought I didn't have my checkbook, so I only went to the bank, to make a deposit and a load payment -- the second had my account number, thus I got around not having already prepared my deposit slip, compounded by forgetting to bring the source of deposit slips...

Once I got home, I found my checkbook was in my purse all along. I'd have sworn that I'd already looked in the pocket where it was hiding...

I got another hour nap, after eating lunch. Which was a good thing, since there wasn't time for food later. After school, I dropped off laundry for Flar, and then came straight home. Tigger read to me after he finished his math boxes. Three chapters in 30 minutes. Flar claimed he took 75 minutes to read four chapters the other night. I think the difference is both level of distraction AND time of day. So I'm aiming for him to read as early in the afterschool hours as possible.

That gave me some breathing time before I needed to be out of the house with Flood, for her obedience school training. At class tonight, she held a down-stay for a full minute, and she executed the "come" exercises very nicely. There was this one dog who took advantage of being released from the leash to run circles in the grass for a bit. There was a newfoundland visiting the class tonight. Already fully trained, but his owner wanted the chance to practice with advice -- he's going to an obedience trial this weekend, I think. It was amazing to see this immense dog go through all the paces so perfectly. Flood was one of the two dogs who didn't bark at the newfie. She kind of got the exercise with the rattly pan of rocks. She was able to hold a sit position and not bark or whine -- but only after she found a nice safe sit position, mostly hiding behind my legs. :)

I need to be more diligent about working with her, probably more than once a day, on her exercises. She has potential to be a wonderfully obedient and well-behaved dog. I was pretty impressed with how she did in class tonight.

Then, for the pièce de résistence of a tightly timed evening, we managed to buy Critter a new blazer. Oh, that doesn't sound so impressive, until you find out that I pulled into our driveway at 8:39, and that Flood threw up (into my plastic parrot tote -- kind of convenient, really) right as we pulled up, and that Dillard's closes at 9pm. We got there at 8:48. Made a bee-line for boys clothes (men's blazers are very hard to find in the smallest sizes, and the boys' blazers seem to run larger than the pants), and just as I was debating the fit with Critter, Flar called. I got him to settle the current debate, which was were the jacket shoulders should be, relative to the wearer's arms.

But we managed to be ready for picture day, in the nick of time. I'm not sure there was a better time to shop, unless we could have managed it while Mom was here (and maybe even have let her treat -- she seems to get such joy from that. ;)

I gave the kids a buy on finishing the trash and recycling. Next week, I call them when I leave the trainer's. Hauled out the trash and recycling myself, check email and live journal, and now I'm for bed.

With maybe a snack...

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