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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My bags are packed...
... and I'm ready to go to Hawaii with knightaudit. squee!

Knight would not take me to a place without internet access, so I will likely be online at least once a day.

As is not unusual for me, I was not even started packing 8 hours ago, and I'm ending up bringing bills with me to post and pay from Hawaii. Or, at least be ready to mail when I get home, in some very limited cases. Most of the bills are payable online.

I ended up working tonight, which through a small kink in my just-in-time planning, but I'm leaving a relatively clear desk surface and other bits of my personal space in the house. And, I have plenty of reading material for the plane trip and etc.

Mom came earlier than otherwise planned, which is nifty keen, because she took Flar and the boys out for Flar's birthday today, and she kept me company while I was packing for the trip, and then tonight while I was sorting through the contents of my desk. She will be running various errands for me, and palling around with Tigger while he is off from school.

And now, it's time for a mite of beauty sleep before I shower and dress for the trip. Knight and Starmaiden are picking me up at 6:15am.

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hope the two of you have a great time! Wave as you fly over :)

The pilot announced when we were passing over SF, and Ted pointed out San José for me. So, yes, we did wave!

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