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Valentine's Dinner

I'm going to Hawaii with Knight (tomorrow morning, and I haven't packed yet, eek!), so I celebrated Valentine's with Flar last night, by cooking at home, and having the boys serve us in the dining room. We ate by candlelight.

The menu:

Fruit, Cheese & Nuts

Beef Wellington for Two
New Potatoes
Roast Veggies

Assorted fruit Mousse

Tigger artfully arranged grapes, strawberries, baby swiss, crackers, allouette and nuts on a plate surrounding a baked Brie en Croute with fruit inside. This was served with a small bowl of whipped cream to the side for dipping.

Critter was the waiter. He dubbed the restaurant Chez (pronounced Shaw in his extremely bad french accent) PJ, as the waiters and one of the diners were all wearing pajamas. He served us ice water - and kept our glasses full throughout the entire meal, WITHOUT too much ice. ;) He poured the wine (impressing Flar, because Critter has a history of not even touching the bottle the alcohol is in. ;)

Tigger prepared a brown peppercorn gravy from a mix, adding cracked pepper, while the Beef Wellington was in the oven. I prepared the Wellington before we started the meal, using a peppercorn paté from the Liquor Barn, and substituting Cream of Mushroom Soup for the Duxelles. I'd chosen a Chambourcin for the meal, which had enough of a bite that it really needed to be reserved for something like spicy chili or barbecue. It didn't hurt the Wellington, but it didn't enhance it. The side dishes were prepared by Kroger, and Flar ate so many of his veggies that he couldn't finish his filet.

Tigger also plated the desserts, and he did a great job with the whipped cream/mint sprig garnishes.

In all, it was a very nice Valentine's Day dinner. Flar especially liked that he could nap all day, then dine in his pajamas.

The boys presented his with the "Mauvaise nuevelles" at the end of the meal, and since neither of us had brought money to the table, we did the dishes after the meal. ;)

Mom is coming into town today instead of Thursday, because (a) Grandaddy is going out of town on business tomorrow and missing Valentines with her and (b) Flar has to fly to DC on Thursday instead of being available in Lousville to pick up Mom.

Critter is still nursing his sore throat. I took him to the doctor this morning, and he's got another round of antibiotics to take. I'm also going to buy him another round of sudafed. Tigger has this week off from school, so we're all driving to Louisville to pick Mom up from the airport.

Yay! My mommy is going to be here before I leave town. Happy'kin.
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