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Called on account of Cold

I went to bed around 6:30am, after getting dealing with quite a few loads of laundry. Around 7am, just as I was dropping off to sleep, I heard Critter's elated announcement that both he and Tigger got to stay home from school today.

Tigger was already awake and dressed with a few ounces of diet coke in him. So he continued working on cleaning his room today. (I just remembered why he's been so diligent -- I told him on Sunday morning that he couldn't play video games again until it was clean.) Apparently Critter helped him with vacuuming the rug this morning: they were at it for 2 hours before deciding to break for lunch.

Once I have a nice breakfast and newpaper, I'm going to drive to the Nicholasville Post Office to pick up a package, mail a package and buy postage. And stop for more Diet Dr. Pepper on the way home. And then, I may have work this evening. We'll see.
Tags: chores, cold, errands, family, school
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