Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

The lure of Photos is strong in this one.

Best laid plans, and all that. I was planning on sleeping until about noon, then cleaning house. I was going to start in the bedroom and work my way to the laundry room. I was going to sort, clean, fold and put away until there was no longer any clothes-related clutter or mess in the house.

Instead, I woke up with a pounding sinus headache that has finally cleared itself.

Flar fixed glazed chicken stir-fry for dinner, and finally got me on my feet enough to help clear off the kitchen table, and put away some of the clutter on the kitchen counter.

I've spent the rest of my day playing with shutterfly. I completed and showed the photo book to Flar, who had a few changes for me to make. Then I order a copy for myself, and one for my mom. Last night, while I was waiting for MacOSaix to work its magic, I got the photo book of our vacation ready, with the exception of the mosaic picture for the last page. I also bought a discount program which gave me an additional free photo book for the price of the program, designed a brag book, and then figured out that wallet prints were a better value. When I ordered the photo books today, the only cost was shipping. I had one free photo book from the post office offer, and one from buying the discount program. After I ordered the photo books, I ordered some wallet photos to put in my purse (and share -- wallets print 4 copies to a page).

I also spent some time looking at which pictures to delete from Shutterfly. I got pulled away from the computer just after learning that 250 is the maximum number of photos that can be put in a shared album. Which means that my next time-waster on Shutterfly will be picking which photos to share, since the vacation album has over 500 pictures in it. And of course, setting up a shared album means writing captions. Alternatively, I may put pictures in my LJ Scrapbook, but either way, I'm making selections and writing captions.

Now that I've got so many pictures in iPhoto, I'll probably also take some time making up iPhoto albums. I've got one for this latest vacation, and another for pet pictures. I'd love to have one or more for pictures of various people, and another for cake pictures. And of course, there's scanning and enhancing old pictures.

Flar says we need a blizzard. He considers working with pictures to be a "snowed in" activity.
Tags: iphoto, pictures, shutterfly, vacation

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