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Snow Day!

Last Wednesday, when even Fayette County cancelled classes and Sayre didn't, then it didn't snow, we tried to figure out the last time school was cancelled for real snow. I have no idea. I found pictures of me at home for not a snow day that dated to 2003. I found them via my journal, so Critter reminded me to post about snow days. :)

Last week, I postponed my nail appt, to avoid driving on the slick roads with all the accidents (we did get sleet, just not snow). This week, I left the house before everyone else (Sayre had a conference day today, and Jessamine County cancelled -- Flar slept in) to get to "fourth week" in Life Group. Every so often (fourth week of the month, when we're further from the perturbations of the holiday season) we have purely social visits. We had planned to meet at Panera and share pictures. A 10 minute drive from home. I got a bit of a late start. The condition of Vince Road was fine, melty in the sunny spots, packed-snow-coated in the shaded bits, but fine. Then I hit a wall of traffic on Nicholasville Road. There was an accident blocking both north-bound lanes of US 27 that had traffic backed up all the way to the bypass around Nicholasville.

I ended up turned around before I got to Kohl's, gassing up at the BP, then taking Catnip Hill to Harrodsburg to 1980. 1980 was in worse condition that Vince, and driving them back to back, I can see why Flar thinks it's more challenging than Catnip Hill. Anyway, I got to Panera without further incident, and enjoyed sharing pictures with six other ladies. Before I return my pictures to their respective albums, I'm going to scan them into iPhoto for sharing.

I'm back home now, checking email, and then I've promised myself to do some housework before I log back into shutterfly to work on the vacation album. The kids have determined that the snowfall is the right kind for packing snowballs, but the depths isn't sufficient for rolling a decent snowman. Instead, they built a sort of snow Denali, and stuck a US flag in the top.

The scotties love the snow, but Flood hates it. Despite that, she was quite cooperative about going out with me, in her new harness. She stepped high, not getting any more snow on her legs than necessary. I took her out to the east field where the boys were sledding (enough snow to sled on, yay!), and then stomped about in the front yard a bit before taking her back in and giving all the dogs couch time.

Tonight, The Mat is having an open meeting at church, with a chili cook off starting at 6pm.
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