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No content since Sunday?

I spent most of my fun time working with vacation pictures. Thursday night, we watched half of them, picking out which ones to print in a scrapbook. One of the reasons that it takes me longer to do any particular thing than would be reasonable, is the creeping definitions I assign to tasks.

In this case, organizing vacation photos including copying all the pictures from the kitchen computer in my laptop iPhoto. Which meant that I spent a lot of my down time working on cleaning up the resultant mess of duplications in my new photo library.

I also finally got caught up on bills, unless you count all the mail that came in over the week, while I was working on the last week's. ;) Wednesday, Knight came over and helped me decide what to pack for Chicago. We're here for Dorian's wedding. Before I left town, I sorted the new mail onto my desk, Flar's place at the table, and Critter's. Printed checks for the bills that can be paid before the latest big check comes in (it seems like there's always some big check that's late), wrote out an equity check, that kind of thing.

This morning, I got up early enough to shower, then feed Critter breakfast before he left for school. While the waffles were cooking, I started tidying my side of the kitchen table, so he joined in and cleared off his spot, too. In the ongoing Battle of the Table, Round the Current to Mom and Critter.

I left in time to go to the bank to deposit the check and get weekend cash, then mail the bills, before it was time to leave for Life Group. Then on the way to church, my Check Engine light came on. First flashing, then solid, then the engine started missing. I drove straight to the dealer, and called K to ask for a ride to church. By the end of Life Group, the dealer called to tell me that my car was fixed AND covered by the extended warranty.

L is driving now, released by her doctor after shoulder surgey more than 10 weeks ago. She was pleased to take me to the dealer. Then I met Knight and Ro at the house, only slightly delayed from the original plan. The drive was further delayed by traffic and construction and tolls, but we got to the hotel in time to change for the Rehearsal Dinner, and arrived at the same time as the bride. :)

Tomorrow, we see Dorian wed, then drive home on Sunday. I'm currently being trapped by the HDTV in the hotel suite, but will soon wend my way to bed. It shouldn't be too hard to pull myself away from Blow after listening to A Scanner Darkly while I was paying bills. Especially with commercials. ;)
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