Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

short take ii

Tomorrow I order the battery.

Now that I have a little more slack in the power cord...

Yesterday I was the bitch from hell, mostly due to finally having to pay the piper for putting off sorting mail and bills et al for almost a month. But dammit, I didn't really let the bitch lose until I got accused of doing so. Nuff said.

Today was a little better. Still battling paperwork, and I've tons to do before I sleep. Gotta enter enough to find the checkbook balance in all these papers -- I'm hoping for a couple of deposit receipts, thank-you-very-much. I *did* get almost all the phone calls done that I needed for bills-paying, though.

The washer repairman came today. Downey was once again the culprit. Sigh. Ever since they reformulated Downy into super concentrated downy, this has apparently been a problem. There's a waxy buildup in the piping leading from the fabric dispenser to the washer that, if not treated soon enough, will cause a blow out in the piping, and require a new part to repair. I'm not going to risk seeing if other brands avoid the problem, I'm just going to stop using the dispenser. The washer has two rinse cycles, we've always used two, now I'll just set it to use one, wash, set it back to two, and add softener manually. Until I find a Downy Ball. They were giving them away for free for ages, and *now* I want one. Sigh.

The repairman got here early enough that Mom could take Flar and me out to lunch. Golden Corral. Yummy.

Last night, Tigger left his glasses by the sandbox when he came in the house. He didn't remember them until after dark, and we couldn't find them. This morning I found them. One or more of the dogs had tried to be helpful.

This afternoon, the optician replaced the plastic ear-pieces that merely slip over the ends of his glasses-temples, but we'll need to take Tigger by to have the frames adjusted tomorrow.

Night before last, Critter very generously decided to not only load the dishwasher, but go that extra mile and wash the hand-wash dishes. It was apparently after he was finished with all of them, and they were all rinsed, that he pressed down the handle to turn off the water and the handle broke off into his hand. Sigh. Internal corrosion. Probably water where water wasn't supposed to be, due to a leak that we'd been aware of for some time.

We've gotten a replacement faucet, and decided to ask the washer repairman if he did faucets, before arranging for an installation. Nope. And the $49 fixed installation price from Lowe's was only for Moen faucets. The regular price is $80. So I'll arrange a time with the plumber when they return my call tomorrow.

Gonna finish the finances, jiggle up whatevers' needed for the Rookettes, then hop in bed.

I wasn't going to bother posting this quiz, but when you close the main window, it pops up a window with just the code to copy, so what-the-heck. No matter how appropriate the result, I'm not taken with the picture.


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For you, love hurts- and sex hurts even more.

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And on that note...

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