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Two thirds of a long weekend

Saturday was a mix of indulgence and industry.

I got out of bed well before noon, in order to get to the birthday party at my salon. I got a paraffin treatment for my hands, chatted with my nail tech, had a cup of punch, and wished them all well. Didn't win a door prize. Didn't eat any cake. Go me. ;)

Ran a few errands on the way home:
  • Dropped off Flar's film to be developed
  • Returned overdue audiobooks, renewed an overdue book, and paid my fine
  • Picked up drycleaning
  • Picked up soda and milk

Once I got home, I found the overdue book, to finally read before this due date, and got L and Tigger to search for (and find) Dizzy's lost tags. When I put the girls in their new clothes this week, I attached the tags to the new collars using bead-chains. Dizzy promptly removed hers in the yard. She is now sporting a twist-cable keychain connecting her collar and tags.

Matt was in charge of dinner, so I finally sat down to work on the three dimensional things-to-do list that I call my desk. At one point, I had it expanded to my desk-top plus four tv-trays. By the time we sat down to dinner, I'd already elimated two trays. After dinner, I eliminated the contents of the remaining trays, keeping one for overflow until I'm done, and posted all the receipts, checks and deposits. Because my mind works this way, and since I unloaded half of my cubbies in the expansion phase, I made a map of my cubbies to keep track. By the time I had my desk down to six inches of bills on one side of my laptop, and a slightly higher pile of not-bills to deal with on the other side of the laptop, it was time to turn in.

That's when I found that Critter had forgotten to put away the leftovers and that there were still wet sweaters in the washer. Critter was still up, so he took care of the leftovers, AND did more dishes. I emptied the dryer, sorted the wet sweaters onto padded hangers to line dry, the jacuzzi top to dry flat, and the dryer to tumble dry low. I consider sweaters the most labor intensive washer load, due to the three-way sort. I only dry delicates two ways.

Sunday began in a slightly foul mood and turned up from there.

Unfortunately, dreaming about complaining to Flar about leaving the sweaters to me -- after we had had a specific conversation about the complicated drying process, and that he should only wash sweaters if he were willing to do that part -- did NOT wear out my harangue, and he was awake before I left for church for the real-life version. No wonder that Pete's message today seemed directed pinpoint at me. The title was "What if.. everyone else would just change?" and the finally question became "What if.. I really let God change ME?"

I still have me some major changing to let God do. ;)

After church today, spydielives came over for my second fitting for my corset. We both forgot about taking pictures, but there's another muslin fitting before the final sewing, which will look quite similar. And we were happy enough with the hips fitting this time, that I should be able to do the next fitting with leggings for the camera. (Rather than my jeans draped around my ankles, so un-photogenic.)

After she left, I got Flar and the boys downstairs for another round of the family meeting. This time I let them adjourn the meeting before I made out the shopping list, which gave us time to resume our Monopoly, Here and Now game from last week. L took over Flar's position so that he could participate, but it was a short play. Critter had given me control of the Red monopoly too early in the game, and I already had two houses apiece on the property when we resumed today. I added a house apiece each time I got rent, and quickly drove Tigger bankrupt. That gave me the Blue monopoly and money to build, so it was short work to send L, then Critter, over the edge.

L wasn't able to eat last night's meal, due to an allergy to seafood, and he had suggested a meal for tonight: Pasta Alfredo. I found a recipe for him, and then played sous-chef for him to prepare dinner. We used broken lasagne noodles, because he didn't want to use the whole wheat pasta that was the alternative, added in Tyson pre-cooked grilled chicken pieces, and served buttered broccoli on the side. The meal was very filling.

Tonight, I'm not getting back to my desk - so I shall have to do so in the morning - but rather, I fulfilled a promise to the boys to make cake (cupcakes, to satisfy both chocolate and white requests without making two recipes) and do the hand dish-washing.

Playing with graphics makes me happy. I've finally gotten around to investigating the animation capabilities of the version of Canvas I have now. I haven't figured out how to un-gray parts of one palette, but I can produce the effects that I want so far.

And now, to the dishes, and then to bed.
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