Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

By the numbers, the first week

The first time I weighed in after the cruise, I was 232. By the next day, I was down to 230, so I'll count the two pounds as auto-travel swelling.

This morning and yesterday, I weighed in at 229.

If I were to chose a goal weight, it would be 175, but I'll be happy if I just establish some consistency in a downward direction.

I haven't started walking Flood yet, but I've bought anti-pull harnesses for all three dogs, and with how they reacted, it looks as if I'll be able to walk all three by myself. I shall be content to be a fair-weather walker at first, and put in 30 minutes on a the exercise bike at the club on rainy days.

After I get rid of the rest of this phlegm in my lungs, that is.
Tags: diet, exercise

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