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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Not so good with the resolutions
Reviewing last year's resolutions, I appear to have made a clean sweep of exactly... none of them.

But it never hurts to have a goal, right?

This year, I *feel* more determined about losing weight. While I was on the cruise I wrote a rather whiney paper post in my physical journal which boiled down to "I hate being this shape, this weight, this fitness level."

My church has a weight-loss program. To be more completely accurate, it has a multi-targeted freedom from fill in the blank program that includes a group whose focus is weight loss. The weight loss program is starting back up later this month, but the leader of that group suggested that I go to the Freedom group until then.

In looking back at the last year, the number one source of conflict between me and Flar has been Flood. And occasionally the other dogs. And I did absolutely nothing about getting Flood back into a training program. At the very least, if I get out there and walk her once a day, it will give her more activity and companionship, get her more accustomed to working with me and the leash again, AND give me a high activity level.

I actually did tithe my paycheck last year, but really only seriously setting it aside FIRST starting in the summer. I'm going to continue that, as well as continue to put extra money toward debt reduction, when the workload increases again. As to time, I've been spending more time in Life Group and went to church services a lot more regularly this year, although getting away from the house early enough for Wednesday night service continues to challenge me. I picked up a devotion book and started a morning devotion time, but I haven't been very regular about that so far.

We actually had quite a lot of the house clean, more than once this year. But I could never quite maintain that level. So I'll continue making inroads a small piece at a time. I did recover the use of my roll-top desk last year, and I intend to keep that functioning. I cleaned out half my closet, and my current focus for that level of cleaning is the closet and the rest of the bedroom.

To summarize, my goals for the year:

1. Grow spiritually. Spend more time at Celebration. Remember Quiet time every day.
2. Get healthier. Lose weight: eat less, exercise more, build better life habits
3. Train Flood. More daily walks, obedience training, more attention.
4. Tackle the clutter. This year, the bedroom, and maybe even the craft room!

Hey, but I figured out two of last year's goals were really just one goal, so I'm down to four goals. :)

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When I decided to tackle my yarn, the easiest way to do it was to make stuff until I had enough room for the various unmade projects. As for the craft drawe with paints and stuff, I am working on organizing that, and while I was in it last night, I decided to clear it out a little, by finishing up some of the dream catchers that I was working on. So, completing projects is how I am cleaning my arts and crafts stuff.

Now, that's a FUN way to tackle a problem. :)

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