Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Christmas Vacation: Day 9

As the waiters sang tonight after dinner...

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go.

Tomorrow morning, we'll have time for a bite on the Lido deck, then we'll get to disembark when they call the all clear. I'll have my purse, my laptop bag, and my Aruba shopping bag. Tigger's stuffing an unbelievable amount into his backpack in the morning. Then we drive to Valdosta to spend the night in the same Marriott Courtyard.

We were all in the dining room at dinner tonight, although Tigger was only there long enough to have a diet coke with us. He ate Fettucini Alfredo at the buffet and played arcade games and board games while we were at dinner.

I got up early this morning (9am) in order to have breakfast before going to the Caribbean Lounge to listen to the debarkation talk. All the information we really need is on the debarkation flyer that they stuck in our room tonight. I was going to crash after that, but the room hadn't been made up yet (Flar had gotten Tigger out of the stateroom, but they forgot the "please make up our room" hanger), so I wandered a bit. My cold was really tearing me up this morning. I ended up reading in the Ionian Lounge and then in the Library. I was there until they started the Chess Tournament, and then I left in search of the boys. Flar had spent the morning with them, and remembered about the tournament. He arrived back at the room shortly after I did, bringing me a nice sandwich.

I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon, but I felt a lot better when I got up. Flar had a call scheduled with Gaucha (at Cellular at Sea prices, oh my!) tonight, so the boys and I hung out in the lobby before dinner. I got each of the boys to pose for a casual sunset picture with me.

Our last dinner was nice. Our table is one of three bench tables together in the dining room, and all three of our tables ordered double shrimp cocktails. It was quite a sight. Critter and I had the quail for dinner, and Flar had a burger. Then Flar and I had Grand Marnier Soufflé for dessert, yum! We got back to the stateroom with a little over an hour to pack. I think that was the smallest the room felt on the whole journey.

Tigger has gone to use up the last of his arcade tokens; we've ordered a ham and cheese sandwich for Critter, and Flar is resting up before going to the casino. He was sweet enough to pick up the photos for me before the photo gallery closed up. Tigger was sweet and went down to the bar to get me a diet coke, so I wouldn't have to get dressed again. And now it's time to read and dose off for my last night on board.
Tags: cruise, health

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